As the main contributor to CO2 emissions, the building and construction industry plays a pivotal role in the ecological transition. Across the planet, the whole industry is subscribing to the green building movement, creating new opportunities.

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Increase your market share: Invest in my technical translation services for the building industry, construction sector and architecture.

Collaborating with a team of professional linguists, I offer a range of technical translation services to architects, designers, project managers, property management companies, manufacturing companies and start-ups seeking to expand their business outside their local markets while making sustainability a strategic priority.

Technical translation – Sustainable construction

Language services for manufacturing companies specializing in:

Bamboo forest
    • New (e.g. organically based) construction materials for the building envelope and façades
    • Healthier, more sustainable materials for indoor fittings and finishes
    • Building insulation (internal/external), ventilation and cooling products and materials, etc.


Technical translation – Sustainable architecture

Language services for architects and designers:

architecture durable et bio-inspirée
A. Menges, ICD ITKE Research Pavilion 2011
    • biomimicry applied to architectural design à la conception architecturale ;
    • Regenerative design (e.g. bioclimatic façades, passive ventilation)
    • New and eco-friendly methods (e.g. modular construction)

Available languages

My services cover various languages, including French, English and German. I myself translate from English into French, and to better serve my clients, I collaborate with a team of professionals also specializing in construction and ecology, but working in other languages.

What are the advantages of LEFER TRADUCTIONS?

How do you convince specifiers and clients to use new products and adopt methods that shake up well-established habits? How do you make people feel confident and safe about the profitability and technical reliability of emerging solutions?

Effective communication can help.

You need to describe your products both online and offline effectively to make your offer known, expand your business outside your local marketsand win over industry experts whose native language is not English. English may be the global language, but research shows that people much prefer using their native language to make purchase decisions. THis is why it's so important to use professional linguists specializing in the building industry. Mastering a language is obviously a required skill for writing and translating efficiently, but on its own, it's not enough. And automated translation tools tend to standardize or indeed detract from your company's content.

I belong to various professional networks, with access to a reliable, dedicated team to deliver your translation projects. We can help you:

Enhance your company's online visibility with SEO translation

Renforcer visibilité sur Internet avec Lefer Traductions

Anyone looking for a product or a company today types a request in a browser's search bar. pages of results then appear on their screen courtesy of algorithms in search engines, i.e. Google. We follow the specific rules of SEO translation (search engine optimization) to help improve your company's ranking. Only human translators are capable of understanding and applying these rules, because (i) relevant keywords have to be identified based on the most likely requests, and (ii) keywords must be seamlessly integrated in a natural word flow to ensure an enjoyable, compelling user experience.

Attract potential clients

augmenter les ventes avec Lefer TraductionsNeuroscientists have highlighted a series of basic psychological priniciples that can help you differentiate your business from its competitors and convince potential clients more effectively. We translate and rephrase your texts accordingly, using techniques that harness the aspirations of your target audiences and call them to action.

Ensure the consistency of the terminology used in your company's content

cohérence des contenus hors ligne et en ligneConsistent terminology is key to ensuring superior quality in linguistic services. We build our own glossaries and enrich them continuously over time.

Save time

Traduction spécialisée dans la construction durable(Re)phrasing and translating documents is incredibly time-consuming. Stay focused on your core activities and benefit from the expertise of dedicated language partners specialized in green building!

Elizabeth Lefer

I worked 30 years in market research before retraining in technical translation, specializing in the building sector. I am particularly interested in environmental issues and emerging solutions.

My services cover a number of languages, including French, English and German.

As a full member of my industry association in France, the Société française des traducteurs (Sft), I accept and apply its professional code of conduct. My offices are in Herblay-sur-Seine, about 10 miles north-west of Paris.

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