collaboration avec d'autres traducteursWorking closely with other professional translators, I offer a range of services in various languages, including French, English and German.


Specialized technical translation

Mainstream translation

To ensure effective, high quality translations, our approach comprises proven techniques , such as thorough desk research, checking and updating terminology, and full review by a dedicated professional linguist.

SEO translation (search engine optimization)

This high-value language service complies with the requirements of writing for the internet, its specific constraints and rules. When these rules are ignored in translation, your company's ranking falls, weakening its online presence. To avoid this, we factor in the keywords and requests used in your industry, specific to the geographical area you are targeting. For instance, we analyze the kewyords in French (France) to translate documents intended for your French-speaking targets living in France.


Bilingual review

We carry out a full review of the texts you have already translated by comparing each sentence with the original.

Monolingual review

We check the translated texts only, identifying and correcting typographical mistakes, spelling, grammar and syntax.



In line with your communication strategy, we seek to improve the form of your existing texts by checking their logic, style and vocabulary.


Technical content

  • Documentation relating to a project's design and development
  • Technical specifications and bill of materials
  • Product brochures and data sheets
  • Technical building manuals
  • Local building regulations
  • Training modules and materials (e.g. safety guides, user guides)
  • Research reports and feedback

Editorial content

  • Corporate communication, such as newsletters, press releases and blogs
  • Websites
  • Advertising and marketing materials like sales collateral



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