As your technical translator specializing in green building, I strive to help you enhance your company's international online presence so that you can conquer new markets.

My goal is to ensure that your company's content is as credible, appealing and powerful in translation as it is in the original.

To boost your business's visibility on the internet, I apply the specific rules of SEO translation (search engine optimization), working with other professional linguists trained in this high-value language service.

Why did I become a technical translator? And why a specialist in green building?

Prior to my career in technical translation, I spent some 30 years in market research, working mostly for international projects. My thirst for languages, love of research and a hunger for change led me to Université de Paris and a one-year master's in translation.

I chose bio-inspired architecture and Lydia Badarna's research as the topic for my Master's dissertation. Lydia is an architect and researcher focusing on biomimetic architecture as well as a senior lecturer at UWE Bristol. And so I discovered the amazing world of biomimicry. Since then, I have specialized in the building industry and its transition towards a zero-emission, more efficient and resilient model, and offer my services to industry players. I focus on design and architeccture, construction materials, and insulating products and methods.

What is my commitment to you?

I offer my language and marketing skills to businesses and professionals who support eco-construction and green building: researchers, architects and designers, materials and product manufacturers, property mangaement companies, start-ups, and so on. All the professionals who support, promote and innovate in sustainable architecture and construction.

Through my work, I wish to contribute in my own way to a more just and sustainable future for the greatest number of people.

My career path to technical translation


As part of my studies, I was a trainee in-house translator with Mirova (a subsidiary of Natixis Group, and a management company specializing in socially responsible investments). I handled English and French translation of all kinds of documents, notably research reports on renewables and the COP 21 (2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Paris).

Mon diplôme obtenu, j’ai poursuivi ma recherche en terminologie dans le domaine du biomimétisme en lien avec l’université Paris Diderot. Puis, après plusieurs mois passés au sein de l’agence de traduction SDL, j’ai constitué en mars 2018 ma propre microentreprise.

Parce que je suis soucieuse de me former continuellement et d’échanger avec d’autres professionnels, je fais partie de plusieurs réseaux de traducteurs, notamment la Société française des traducteurs (Sft). Je surveille également les évolutions du secteur de la construction en participant à différentes manifestations majeures (Bâtimat 2019, FutureBuild 2020) et à des évènements spécialisés. Je suis également certaines formations en ligne (comme « Villes durables » avec l’université de Lund).



I was trained as a researcher with the pioneer institute Synapse/Epsy before founding my own business, Keyword (1994-2003). I then worked as a freelancer for another 10 years.

In addition to day-to-day management of the company and its client portfolio, I was involved in tasks such as:

  • Fieldwork
  • Analysis & synthesis
  • Face-to-face presentations and strategic recommendations

During these years, I had the pleasure of working with a variety of businesses, SMEs and MNCs alike, as well as with research institutes.

This job helped me develop keen listening skills to better understand people's motivations. I use this expertise, in combination with my language skills, to build personalized high-quality translation services.



  • Professional master's degree in technical translation (Université de Paris, 2016)
  • DESCAF, master's degree in Management (Neoma Business School, Rouen, 1985)
  • Master's degree in Economics (Université Paris Dauphine, 1983)


As a full member of the Société française des traducteurs (Sft),
I accept and apply its professional code of conduct

Dissertation director
in terminology and translation
for translation students at Université de Paris