How much will it cost you?

Everything depends on your project and which language services you need. I aim to calculate the fairest translation, review and rewriting rates for you, my partners and myself. Here is how I establish my quotes:

Translation and review rates

The industry convention is to calculate costs based on the number of words in the original text, in addition to taking into account the language combination. The main advantage of this method is that both the client and the service provider know upfront how much the project will cost.

However, this parameter alone is not enough to provide a realistic estimate, as projects tend to differ widely from one another, between clients and even for the same client. And indeed, how could one fail to consider the differences between, say, a product brochure and a newsletter?

Many other elements need to be factored in and this is why I establish specific costs for each new project, taking into account:


  • The content: i.e. the nature of the materials/documents to translate (technical, informative or marketing?), Comment calculer le coût d'une traduction ?the target audience and the communication objectives
  • the required level of service: conventional translation or SEO translation (search engine optimization)
  • The form: the quality of the original text, its level of technicality, th e file format provided, etc.
  • Deadlines
  • Available internal linguistic resources, such as glossaries and style guides


Rewriting rates

In terms of improving existing content, rates are generally based on the time spent. So I estimate the time my team and I would need considering the documents provided and their communication objectives.

As a full member of the Société française des traducteurs (Sft), I apply the Terms & Conditions that this association recommends.

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